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Tour excursion Kharkiv with guide Alina

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Kharkiv International Airport

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Guide Alina

ID : 5436
Country : Ukraine
City : Kharkiv

• I will show you Kharkov from the best part ! • Our city has a lot of beautiful historical and modern buildings and wonderful places! • I can also organize a gastronomic tour at the best restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops! • This city has incredible charisma and magic atmosphere ! I’ll be glad to describe you our wonderful city! • My skills: • Speak fluently in English • Strong communication skills • Constantly learning and developing

Tour excursion Kharkiv with guide Alina

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Harold Harold
Alina true professional . She showed me the most important places and sites that trully represent Kharkiv! She guided me to the shops a d restaurants I wanted to visit! Without her guidance I would have being lost . Would I recommend her ? Absolutely
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