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Tour excursion Kiev with guide Mikhail

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Zhuliany International Airport

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Guide Mikhail

ID : 6608
Country : Ukraine
City : Kiev

English - Russian guide and interpreter: 15+ years of experience. The rate is $ 15 per hour. (The minimum order is 2 hours) I am in Kiev, but I am ready for business trips in Ukraine and abroad. Biometric passport in order. In the case of a business trip abroad, payment is negotiated separately. - technical English (medicine, construction, installation, commissioning, electricity, IT, production, business topics) - humanitarian spheres (psychology, philosophy, religion, sociology, history) - translate negotiations online - consecutive interpretation at conferences - escort of foreigners - business negotiations, boards of directors, external consulting - translation at exhibitions (in Ukraine and abroad) - translation during the execution of transactions (I do not do notarized translation) I have affordable prices, if you want to save money and hire a student, think carefully .. Often the nuances that the inexperienced translator did not understand or did not translate play a decisive role and are much more expensive. Reviews on the site Some of the companies and organizations I work with: Three Bears, AlexPharm, Hemoplast,, DEKA laser, Fashion of Diplomacy, Regent University, Scriptum, Orphans Hope, IFES, Mostobud, Incom, Freedom Farm, Garant Energo, MANGO, Klimatinvest, KREISEL, Ukrproductgroup, Time Build, International Taekwon-Do Federation, Sunel Group, MOELLHAUSEN, AlfaTech, WALKBOT, VOVK, Crushproof Tubing, FUIB Bank

Tour excursion Kiev with guide Mikhail

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